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18 March 2010



Xinlang entertainment has just gotten the news from MNYMFYB* 10th Year Celebration Event’s organizing committee member Ms Yu, that Korea’s famous entertainment company SME had already accepted the invitation to attend MNYMFYB 10th Year Celebration Event, and will be sending its artistes and/or groups as performing guests to attend the event held at Shen Zhen on the 11th of April; 3 top groups DBSK, H.O.T. and SJ may be attending it with full attendance.

The two top Asia groups from SM, DBSK and SJ, had already made their debut Mainland performances on the event’s 4th and 7th year celebrations respectively; a member from the former, Changmin, due to the difficulty of the performance then, had even accidentally broke the flooring when he stepped on it; until now, many China fans still have a deep impression of that incident. The latter, SJ, on the red carpet at the 7th MNYMFYB celebrations, had caused all the fans to scream and create chaos**; the crazyness of the fans during that peformance was unforgettable for SJ until now; it was also brought up many times during interviews after that. Also, one of the main stars from another famous entertainment company JYP, Rain, during the 5th year celebrations, also peformed an eight-minute mesmerising solo that made all the guests present applaud collectively, and also won him the mad pursuits of fans; many fans of Rain in China only got to know him after that particular performance. According to Ms Yu, SME expressed the importance of this invitation, and does not dismiss the possibility of its top 3 groups DBSK, HOT and SJ having full attendances for the event.

This year’s MNYMFYB 10th Year Celebrations marks the first ten-years milestone of the chinese music in the new century, for overseas guests, the significance is also important. “We also really hope to have our Korean stars on stage this time.” SME’s spokesperson said; as for the specific groups that will be attending, SME said that it is not possible to reveal details as of now.

SME and MNYMFYB have always had fate; many China fans got to know of the groups and artistes of the company through this stage, and it had also received a rather good response; thus, MNYMFYB had been hailed as the first choice by Korean Entertainment countries to break into the China market.

*(T/N: I will now write “Mengniu Yogurt’s Music fengyunbang” (the name of the event, it’s a kind of awards ceremony?),as MNYMFYB. Please note that’s it’s not the actual acronym, it’s just to make it easier so that i dont have to type out that long name everytime it comes up.which is quite a lot.LOL)
**(T/N:the word here is actually more like, disturbance,or riot; I double-checked it twice and both came up with the same results, but i think it’s too extreme&negative so i edited it to be more positive.),

Credits :: Sina.Com && SJ Baidu Bar
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