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17 March 2010

ShinDong “I was used by my girlfriend”

On MBC “Yoo JaeSook and Kim WonHee’s Come to Play” Global BBFs Special, ShinDong confessed that “when I was trying to prepare a birthday present for my girlfriend, everyone around me told me that she’s trying to use me”. As expected, when he didn’t give her a birthday present, she wanted to break up right after. But he hope that maybe she didn’t mean it. ShinDong said he called her to test her, lying that he had a birthday present for her, so at least he could give something before breaking up with her. After hearing this, the ex-girlfriend said “okay then let’s meet” and ShinDong realized that he was being used by his girlfriend.

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CREDITS: Original Article: TV Daily
English Translation: Chrissy @ TwELFs.com

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