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13 March 2010

[Photos Donghae In Haiti

note from Fefa: for a quick explanation for those not aware. MBC Danbi is a program where celebrities go visit other places to help with charity work. They have been in Africa and a few other places. Other idols like Nichkhun(2PM) and DooJoon (BEAST) have already participated in this show. So I’m guessing the episode featuring Donghae in Haiti will be featured soon on TV and we’ll be able to see him doing his part to help the people in Haiti who are much in need. I hope this helps everyone to remember that Haiti still needs incredibly huge amount of help, so if theres any thing you can do, even if its a small thing, do it. Also, help those in Chile who were also affected by a earthquake not long ago. Let’s take Donghae’s good example into consideration and remember to help those in need. ♥

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