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17 March 2010

Nichkhun Leaves Cast of Shining Diploma

Last November, we announced that 2PM’s Thai Prince Nichkhun would be starring in an upcoming film titled Shining Diploma. However, possibly due to the recent turn of events that 2PM has been facing, it seems like Nichkhun’s role in the movie is no more.

Earlier today, Producer Lee Jung Ryong commented,

“Truthfully, we were going to crank in the production of the movie late last year, but because of investment problems, we didn’t even get to start … Lee Misook, the female lead in the movie, also has to fulfill filming for two different dramas so we will push back our production 2-3 months … We have received a termination notice from Nichkhun’s side. Right now, having Nichkhun star in the film would be a negative situation.”

Additionally, a JYP Entertainment official stated,

“We’ve decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea for Nichkhun to star in the movie. Originally, the movie was supposed to be filmed late last year and finish filming early this year, but the the filming was constantly delayed. From a certain point forward, Nichkhun’s participation in the movie would have been difficult because of his schedules with 2PM.

It’s really too bad, especially since this was supposed to be Nichkhun’s debut on the big screen. I’m sure many fans were looking forward to his first movie. What are your thoughts?


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