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07 March 2010

[News] KARA’s Park Gyuri was not Allowed to Meet with Xiah Junsu

On last March the 2nd at SBS Power FM, to the question “Have you ever gotten a groundless rumor afloat?” KARA’s leader Park Gyuri responded, “When we just debuted, there were many messages at my homepage telling me not to ever meet TVXQ Xiah Junsu.” she said, “When I was just debuted, I hadn’t even met TVXQ yet, so how these Junsu fans to get such kind of rumors, it was really crazy.”

At the other side of the program, KARA member Han Seung Yeon sent a message to her ideal type man, the Winter Olympic national team short track athlete, Sung Si Bak. She left a voice message to the Olympic athlete, saying “Please come back in good health and don’t get hurt. Also, thank you, your interview was really good. (T/N: Sung Si Bak mentioned Seung Yeon as his ideal woman in his after game interview). If there’s opportunity, let’s chom chom chom (T/N: dot dot dot “…”)”. Even the rest of members were curious about what word should be filled at the “chom chom chom” part.

In addition, KARA members also talked about the member who will light up the atmosphere Park Gyuri, the member who often shows unnecessary anxiety Nicole, and the member who has high popularity among the guys, magnae Ji Young.

source: news.joins.com
trans: sharingyoochun.net

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