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30 March 2010

[NEWS] 100329 Lee Soo-man Gives Lecture at Harvard Business School

Music producer Lee Soo-man gives lecture at Harvard Business School [SM Entertainment]

Korean entertainment mogul Lee Soo-man gave a lecture at Harvard Business School over the weekend, according to his company SM Entertainment on Monday.

SM explained in a press release that Lee spoke about the entertainment industry as representative of Asian showbiz market and "keynote speaker" at the Asia Business Conference, held Saturday at Harvard's Burden Auditorium.

The singer-turned-entrepreneur talked about the changes in the entertainment business in Asia during his lecture titled "Don't try to cut your ears!", referring to how legendary artist Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear and stating that the painter could have created even more influential art if he had not done so.

He also emphasized the need for a new educational system to foster the growth of the human resources for the rapidly changing future, saying that "extraordinary talent who thinks in uncommon and abnormal ways" should be nurtured as leaders.

Lee is said to have received a big applause from some 700 attendees at the event, which was the 19th annual business conference sponsored by the Asian clubs of Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Law School.

The Asian clubs focus on inviting prominent figures in Korea, China, Japan and other Asian countries to give lectures on the financial and political aspects of the business world.

The producer has given lectures at Harvard for three consecutive years, from 2006 thru 2008, and was also invited to MIT Sloan School of Management and Johnson School at Cornell University, where he spoke about "The Global Strategy of Hallyu" in 2008.

Lee, 57, started his music career in the 1970s as a singer of Korean pop band April & May and released his first of several solo albums in 1983.

He established SM in 1995, which quickly became one of the most influential talent agencies in Korea. He has created and masterminded the successful careers of numerous K-pop artists including BoA, Girls' Generation, SHINee, Super Junior and TVXQ.

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