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12 March 2010

MBLAQ Lee Joon and BEAST DooJoon’s psychological war had TV viewers laughing

The psychological war between boygroup ‘rivals’ MBLAQ Lee Joon and BEAST DooJoon brought much laughter to TV viewers.

MC Ji SeokJin of KBS Star GoldenBell posed a question to members Lee Joon and DooJoon who are members of MBLAQ and BEAST who had debuted in the same time period, “Is there anything that had changed after debuting?”

Lee Joon first answered, “Yoon DooJoon is younger and during the early debut days, he is a manner dongsaeng who will greet me.” re-enacting on the spot how DooJoon had greeted him. And he joked, “Now even the looks he gave had grown dull.”

Of course DooJoon did not let it stay at that, he said, “Lee Joon did not change. There is one thing that has been quite the same.” making Lee Joon nervous.

DooJoon said, “He is still an exhibitionist.” and he turned to Lee Joon, who revealed on the show that day that he used to model for wig fitting, “Now stop that, and take your wig off” causing ripples of laughter in the filming set.


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