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23 March 2010

Kim HeeChul, “Competition with TaeYeon? This is the animal kingdom, I’m not worried”

Coming back as a radio DJ, Super Junior Kim HeeChul talks about how he don’t care about the competition with the other DJs and that he will be doing a show with his own style.

A press conference was held on 22nd Marhc in SBS building about the new radio shows the company is pulling out this spring. And Kim HeeChul will be making his comeback as a DJ after doing 107.7 Power FM ‘Young Street’ with Park HeeBon for 6 months. And this time he is coming back as an independent DJ. His show ‘Kim HeeChul’s Young Street’ will be aired at 8pm.

8pm is also the timeslot when TaeYeon’s MBC ‘TaeYeon’s ChinChin’ will be on air. When asked if he felt any pressure, HeeChul said, “I have talked about this problem with ShinDong before.”

He said, “Everyone has to have his own way of survivor. Here’s the animal kingdom. I will carry out the show with my own style and colours.”

The radio show will start airing from 29th March.

S: MyDaily

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