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17 March 2010

Kim Bum initiates harem for documentary

Workaholic Bum never stops.

Kim Bum will communicate with fans by shooting a Hallyu Documentary with fans from 80 countries.

Kim Bum invites Hallyu fans to travel with him in Korea and experience the Korean culture, and it will be recorded in the 3 part documentary program named “Kim Bum’s World Date”.

Fans from all over the world can audition, and the chosen fans will be invited to travel with Kim Bum in Seoul and other famous cities.

His management expressed, “This Hallyu documentary is made to see the influence of Hallyu stars in Asia, and Kim Bum is the perfect candidate. He has garnered much popularity and many fans in Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. from his roles in ‘East of Eden’ and ‘Boys Over Flowers’. We’re anticipating Kim Bum’s closer relationship with the Hallyu fans after his ‘World Date’.”

The auditions for ‘Kim Bum’s World Date’ will commence in March, and will start shooting in April.

Note: Hallyu = Korean wave. This event is for overseas fans only. I don’t know how to apply. The news article does not specify. I’ll update you if I find anything.

Source: Bumsso
Original Source: Mydaily

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