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21 March 2010

K-VIPS angry over Serbian claims that G-Dragon is a "Korean Wannabe Milan Stankovic"

Milan Stankovic is a singer from Serbia who gained fame after he came out as 4th on the popular Serbian singing show Zvezde Granda. KVIPS are extremely upset after the Serbian media has called G-Dragon a “Korean Wannabe Milan Stankovic”. Proof of that here.

Not only has the Serbian media made false accusations but even the singer himself came out to say “I’m glad that Balkan is recognized in the world and that my influence is found in a country so far away. It’s nice to see that a music star from another country is being inspired by my style and it’s the more proof that I’m doing the right thing!”, proof of that here.

A Serbian fan claimed she saw news of this on her tv and that the singer actually came out and said on tv that G-Dragon had “stolen my clothing style, and hair style also".

Korean fans find this absurd as well as me because this guy has been seen wearing similar clothes to G-Dragon after GD had wore them first but yet he says GD was inspired by him! Take a look at this video in which you see him wearing clothes extremely similar to the ones G-Dragon wore at the MAMA 2009.

Milan Stankovic also released a music video called “Face”, you can see has some similarity to the wardrobe and glasses wore by G-Dragon in his “Heartbreaker” video.

KVIPs have left a comment for foreign fans saying “To foreign fans, we’re angry and upset not because he just copied GD’s style but he told a lie on a tv show & articles we want to correct it. No one can deny GD’s style is much earlier and more creative & stylish.

source: ibigbang translated from 프 다미G.
video source: JasonEscFan yt

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