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17 March 2010

JYPE is in a nightmare at 2PM

Jaebum, who had always kept secluded, has finally revealed himself. Aren't there some people that are having a nightmare?

On the 15th, Jaebum, currently living in New York, uploaded a video himself singing BOB's 'Nothing On You.'

Netizens and fans welcomed the video with both feelings of delight and sadness. The video, his words, and rap made the fans feel regrettable.

On the 25th of February, JYPE announced that Jaebum would be forever withdrawn from 2PM due to a severe private life mistake. To the fans that thought definitely of his return, it was an undeniable shock, causing various boycotts and protests.

Afterwards, a conference was held in which the 2PM members were cold and indifferent regarding Jaebum's withdrawal. After having seen this, they are now called the rather embarrassing nickname of traitor idols.

However, this video has proved that Jaebum has embraced the betrayal of the 2PM members through love. He has definitely shown a true 'leadja' like image to the fans.

"A true leadja that has embraced the betraying 5PM," "Don't go to JYP, just make a solo debut. Forget JYP," "They called him a problem child, but he seems rather warm?" "Such a herring-like company."

Looking at the current situation, it seems as if JYPE is having a nightmare due to 2PM. As long as JYPE does not reveal the 'severe private mistake' that they have stated before, they will not be able to avoid the glares from the fans.

2PM's popularity is falling straight to the ground due to Jaebum's issue and the fans. JYPE is definitely having a nightmare at 2PM.

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