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11 March 2010

Jo Kwon on GaIn’s bikini photos, “Noona is sexy but why…”

Jo Kwon sends a message showing signs of jealousy to his wife GaIn regarding her recent bikini photos.

GaIn posted up photos she took of herself during Brown Eyed Girls’ trip to Singapore on 6th March. And of the photos, there were some taken by the swimming pool and she was clad in bikini. Jo Kwon then wrote on her minihompy, “Noona is sexy.. But why… do you have to post it up! Son GaIn!”

The photos of GaIn in bikini were rapidly circulated on the net after they were posted and it has garnered much attention from netizens.

Afterwhich, GaIn had also visited Jo Kwon’s minihompy and wrote, “You think only you can see? Heeheehee”.



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