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16 March 2010

Jo Kwon-Gain's Humiliation!

On WGM, the Adam Couple was humiliated.
Jo Kwon-Gain virtual couple on March 13th's broadcast of MBC's "We Got Married Season 2 (WGM) 2AM and Brown Eyed Girls (BEG) members had a popularity contest with each other.

That day, with a punishment to eat a lemon they picked the most popular and least popular person. The result, Jo Kwon-Gain virtual couple as last place. That's how Jo Kwon and Gain were humiliated by making them suck on a sour lemon.

That day, when the voting results came out, Gain said, "If I get picked, I was worried to get teased by Kwonnie, so I gave him a look. In reality, Of course I'm the most popular. I'm young and vibrant... " and was all chatty.

Meanwhile, on that day's broadcast, Jo Kwon and Gain, including 2AM (Jo Kwon, Lee Changmin, Im Seulong, Jung Jinwoon) with BEG (Jea, Gain, Narsha, Miryo) members ended the housewarming party by going bowling.

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