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18 March 2010

Jaebum, The True Leadja

Jaebum, the True Leadja, Touched the Hearts of Fans Again.

Currently, living in the United States, Jaebum, this past 15th, on his own Youtube channel sang American hiphop artist's B.O.B.'s "Nothing on You" on a video.

He, along with the video, "Let's all laugh and work hard together. Everyone fighting! Whatever happens, I will do my best." He posted this message in English.

Of interest, within the content of Jaebum's post, "I'd like it if you don't insult 2PM. They are good and nice kids. I'd like it if you didn't misunderstand. I wish that you wouldn't hate 2PM because of me. I will always love them" which stood out.

So many fans praised him as a, "big-hearted," "True Leadja," "A man that wraps betrayers in love."

Last month on the 25th, JYP Entertainment (JYPE) announced Jaebum's withdrawal from 2PM and termination of his exclusive contract with the company.

After the meeting, 2PM fans and JYPE had a conference. After the conference, 2PM members were labeled as "Traitor Idols" that attached a shameful nickname.

At various end-of-year awards, and on several TV programs, they had shared, "Together with Jaebum." But they turned with disappointment, they blamed and made references to Jaebum's "private life" for not being able to take him back into 2PM.

In the midst of this situation, in this video Jaebum, showed tolerance by using the word love with 2PM members' betrayal. In the situation where his private life issue was not made public, this one group's former leader, Jaebum, showed his true "Leadja" side.

Meanwhile, for this video showing Jaebum, fans interpreted that "his rap expressed that there is no issue with his private life." In the coming future, many are curious what reaction will be seen from 2PM and JYP to Jaebum and interests are aroused.

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