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17 March 2010

Han Geng to join eeMedia?

If Han Geng joins eeMedia, he might work opposite Meteor Shower actress Zheng Shuang

In last week’s interview, ex-Super Junior member Han Geng said that he’s confident of ending the contract with SM, but didn’t say what will happen to him. Yesterday, famed anonymous blogger “wumeishi” revealed that “Han Geng signed with eeMedia before Chinese New Year’s. The company will spend millions to create a special group called SD5 for him. The new group will be revealed in April. Han Geng, SD5 and Li Yuchun’s film contracts will all be under Long Danni’s Shenshi Film (Shine Show).”

In response, eeMedia representative said that “Our company has had good relationships with Han Geng, but we can’t say anything about any contracts.”

It’s wellknown that Han Geng’s good friends with Hunan TV hosts He Jiong, who’s been helping Han Geng and SJ in China a lot. “wumeishi” claims that after Han Geng left, Hunan TV and eeMedia (both are part of the same overall company- Golden Eagle/Hunan Broadcasting Systems) decided to sign Han Geng. To allow him to be able to expand in all areas, Han Geng will receive a contract with the newly formed Shengshi Film along with Li Yuchun.

source: sina

While “wumeishi” is known for making true statements half of the time, this makes sense. Han Geng has had excellent relationships with Hunan TV. Hunan TV provided opportunities for Han Geng and SJM to go on almost of its best shows – Happy Camp, A Date with Luyu, Behind the Story, etc. And Han Geng’s image fits with eeMedia’s crow of young, good-looking Super Boys and Girls. By signing with eeMedia, Hunan TV will receive viewership from Han Geng fans, and Han Geng will receive some of the best promotions possible in China.
Signing with Shengshi Film, another Golden Eagle/Hunan Broadcasting Systems subsidiary, will also make sense for both parties. Han Geng has shown the penchant for acting in his CCTV drama, and Shengshi Films has the money to spend on new film and TV projects and expensive actors. Plus, it would make Shengshi CEO Long Danni, who is also the head manager of eeMedia, have a lot more easy of a time managing both.
A partnership with eeMedia and Shengshi would definitely benefit both Han Geng and the companies. But then, it could be that eeMedia will spend all of its money and resources on Han Geng and won’t be able to support its new ship of Super Boys this year).


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