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27 March 2010

Han Geng donated $100,000 RMB to relief for Yunnan

News broke out in December 2009 about Han Geng's contract termination lawsuit. The case has not come to a conclusion yet and details have been kept hush-hush for the past two months.

In the past days, news broke out about Han Geng's contribution to the relief efforts for Yunnan drought. Through "Sweet Rain Action" group, Han Geng became the second star to respond to the call for help. It seems that this Asian superstar does not forget to contribute to charity even when he is resting.

100,000 RMB is about $14,000 U.S. dollars.
Credit: Fotoever & Han Geng's baidu
Translation: [info]proleptical's awesome roommate ♥
The translation might be a bit rough on some parts, so if anyone has any better suggestions for word choices and stuff, they'd be appreciated. Translation credit goes 100% to my roommate, though. All I did was type!

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