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26 March 2010

Fans raise hopes once again at the possibility of JaeBum’s comeback and his fans release an album for him

After the official annoucement from JYP Entertainment about the closing of the contract between them and JaeBum, fans all around the world are raising their hopes once again at the possibility of JaeBum’s comeback from a recent tweet from a producer working on JaeBum’s song.

Also go under the cut for the album JaeBum’s fans put together!

Recently, through Twitter, the American producer/composer announced that the recording for JaeBum’s new song has been completed. He added that his management team had requested him to make a song for him and he even praised the song he made, saying that it is a really awesome song. This news has been the recent topic among many sites raising the hope in many fans of JaeBum.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors that JaeBum’s dance crew, Art of Movement, also known as AOM, will be participating in the regional qualification round for the MTV program, America’s Best Dance Crew.


JaeBum’s fans release an album dedicated to him

The fans released an album personally dedicated to JaeBum on the 25th. Starting from January, the fan cafe was created for this project, and until now they had released teaser footages for the album.

The songs included are “To You”, “One Step at a Time”, and “With All My Heart”. The album will be sold starting from Mnet and the singers who participated in the project went under the name ‘For Jay”. The owner of the fan cafe stated, “This had been the album that we had been planning since January 27th” and added, “This has nothing to do with the protest, it is just our last gift to Park JaeBum.” The owner also stated that the money earned from the album will be donated to a charity under Park JaeBum’s name or the fan cafe’s name.

Meanwhile, 100 CDs were made and some will also be sent to Seattle, Washington, where JaeBum lives.


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