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20 March 2010

[FanAccount] Super Junior’s arrival at the KLIA airport, no fans spotted close enough

Back from the post earlier, the guards were saying that the boys were at Level 5. A small number of ELFs who knew (or did not know) that the boys were AT THE DEPARTURE HALLS flee the Arrivals halls and waited upstairs. I don’t know whether this is true that they’ve wanted to keep the news to themselves.
Fans were enraged when the boys were at the DEPARTURE HALLS, in an elevator which was supposed to descend .. suddenly ascends.. Whether it was a special request or pure conspiracy from SME or Malaysian side of the airport, IDEK but what I know is that fans .. were upset. Some of the ELFs flew all the way from Taiwan with banners just to see the boys.
Fancams from fans who were lucky enough to spot them at the KFC / McD side captured Donghae in the video .. Shindong was spotted inside a car. As Koreans are prone to have dinner early, the boys are likely to go for dinner after arriving at the airport. They will then settle and check in before heading out to sound check at Stadium Putra later tonight.
The move from the Arrivals hall to the Departure halls are bad because it has certainly tarnished the Malaysian fans’ name. I wonder if the boys would start to think that fans were not welcoming their arrivals .. as no fans were spotted close enough to them .. I mean, NONE OF THE FANS AT THE AIRPORT SAW THEM .. and only glimpses were seen .. and that was only towards the fans who saw them upstairs.. Those who were at the Arrivals halls didn’t stand a chance.
Pooor bbs..

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