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11 March 2010

Daesung, “Even for just a day, I wanna live like TOP hyung.”

“Big Bang? They’re family.”

The Big Bang members, who just feel like the air surrounding each other when they’re in the same space, are pretty much family to Daesung.
Though there was a lot of intimidation at first when even just being in the same room felt awkward, they are now able to trust and rely on each other.

”I think I’ll be with the Big Bang members for the rest of my life.”

Though each of the members have different personalities as individuals, they are now like family members who make up for each others’ weak points.

”I’m living on the same floor as Youngbae hyung (Taeyang). We’re both Christians so we talk alot about this and that. We talk about music a lot too. He’s a hyung that I teaches me a lot in every day life.”

”The really funny person is TOP. This one time, I woke up in the morning to find TOP hyung passed out with his face buried in a cake. I seriously thought he had died. When Youngbae hyung shook him to wake him up, he fell to the ground with a thud. We were so shocked that we were going to call the ambulance, but he just slid up and walked to his room. It was like the huge twist in a movie where someone you think is dead comes back to life. (laughs)”

The members each have different ways of overcoming the hard times of the entertainment industry too.

”There was this period where it was really physically and mentally hard for all of us. All the members were exhausted. We all fell asleep after joking around that we should run away to an amusement park or something for a break. The next day, TOP hyung was gone again. We saw a note on the table saying ‘I’m leaving. Sorry Big Bang. Love yous.”

The members came to the conclusion that TOP had really disappeared. But just in case he hadn’t, they thoroughly searched through all the dorms and was able to find him in the room of one of their sunbaes, who had recently come to take part in the YG Family 10th Anniversary Concert. What he said to them when they found him was just ridiculous.

”I came to say goodbye to hyung before leaving, and fell asleep.”

Daesung is often envious of TOP’s daringness, as he himself can never say ‘no’ and is always cautious in everything he does.

”Me and Youngbae hyung talk about it sometimes. ‘Even for just a day, I wanna live like TOP hyung.’ But we’d never be able to even if we tried, because of our personalities. (laughs)”

Daesung considers it his good luck that met the other members with their various personalities, including charismatic leader Jiyong and cutie Seungri. He hopes the friendship he shares with the members will last a lifetime.

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