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19 March 2010

Clarifications for K Chart winner announcement confusion on KBS Music Bank

It has been known that there was a broadcast accident in the display of the subtitle on KBS Music Bank K Chart results.

During the show on 19th March, KARA and T-ara were featured as the 2 contestants for the #1 spot on K Chart. Epik High was also contestant for K Chart but as they were not present, a photo for them was used when revealing the winner.

And when the scores were revealed, it showed that T-ara had the highest score and should be #1. But MC Song JoongKi and Seo HyoRim said, “There is a mistake in the subtitles.” and gave the trophy to KARA.

After the show, fans had raised their unhappy about the broadcast accident on the show. Even the officials watching the show was confused. The singers on stage when the winner was announced also seemed confused.

With that, the production crew told Newsen in a phone interview after the show, “There has been a mistake where T-ara and KARA’s position was switched. But it is correct that KARA won #1.”


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