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14 March 2010

Brown Eyed Girls GaIn is feeling ’shy~’ in a lingerie shop in Singapore

Brown Eyed Girls member GaIn recently uploaded a photo taken during her trip to Singapore and had caught the attention of many netizens.

Some photos were posted up on her minihompy on 13th March and it features GaIn in a lingerie shop in Singapore. She was seen without her smokey makeup and showing her baby-like complexion and looking shy.

Netizens’ comments were, “Cute”, “really like a kid”, “Please just date Jo Kwon” etc. Meanwhile, with Jo Kwon seeking ‘revenge’ on GaIn’s bikini photos with his half naked photos posted on his minihompy, GaIn also wrote on Jo Kwon’s minihompy “Sounds like a baby heehee if that is revenge, you can do it everyday”.

c:sookyeong+dbsk dream

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