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16 March 2010

Big Bang’s White Day confession, “Think of us as your boyfriends”

Idol group Big Bang relays their love messages to fans on White Day (14th March).

During their UFO radio on 14th March, TOP said, “Even though it may not be appropriate to say this, but we always thankful to our fans. I have a side of me where I cannot express myself well. But I believe that fans will understand my gratitude to them. I’ll give candies so will you be my friend?”

TOP added, “We will always sing and put up cool performance for VIP. And as Big Bang will be coming back in Korea with good music, everyone should get ready to be excited about it.”

GDragon said, “We Big Bang members think alot of about our VIP fanclub members. If there are fans who did not receive any candy and feel sad, just think of Big Bang as your boyfriends. Have a good White Day listening to our voice. We hope to visit the fans’ house and deliver the candies personally.”

TaeYang said, “Happy White Day! Have a sweet day thinking of us Big Bang!”. Member DaeSung also said, “I prefer chocolate over candies. I prefer VIP over chocolates!! I shall send my sweet sweet heart to everyoneㅋ

And last maknae member SeungRi said, “VIPs ^^ The candies have gone out. Please receive them well. Have a blessful White Day”.


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