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15 March 2010

After School making a comeback with 8 members?

As of now, After School is still officially known as a 7-member girl group. But on the 15th, After School’s official website published a picture to mark their upcoming comeback. And in the photo, there are not seven but eight members.

One of the members is putting her head down and not revealing her identity fully. People are now guessing that a new member will join the group.

Thousands and thousands of fans were left clueless, excited and confused about this picture. If it does indeed mean another member will join, this will definitely make After School the most member changing group ever. First UEE joins, then Soyoung leaves, then Raina and Nana join and now another?

In fact, fans are speculating that the mystery girl performing Fin.K.L’s To My Boyfriend with After School at their recent fan meeting could be the one.

article: allkpop | video: AfterSchoolCraze

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