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26 February 2010

Win Super Junior and Girls’ Generation Autographed Posters !

Jaihoo ! Make your claim fan boy or fangirl , who used to say in a forum and tell me how you really fans member A, B, C, D from head to toe ! Still remember the Seoul song ? That his MV Filmed against a background of Gwanghwamun Plaza , Seoul Tower , Banpo Bridge and Ssamzi Street ? Video "SEOUL Song" was not only represents the energetic spirit and beauty of Seoul but also the cohesiveness of the image 2 super idol group Super Junior and the Girls' Generation .

And this may be a golden opportunity for you to pour it into a love story written by the money consists of 50 words .

MTV Asia will provide 25 posters Seoul Song Fan signatures if you elected letter ^_^ You're free to write anything , which is important to the Super .

Creative , Super Short not more than 50 words , but success reflects your love of the stars of this idol .

The title is to " tell us who's your favorite Super Junior or Girls' Generation artist and why ? " tell it at length why you really like with this one member ^_^ Of course , in English .

There are 5 posters to choose =>

- Super Junior & Girls Generation
- Shindong & Sunny
- Jessica & Sungmin
- Taeyeong & Siwon
- Seohyun & Kyuhyun

do visit;


translate by google XD
*i'm so sorry if you don't understand T_T*

source afifah@fb

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