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22 February 2010

TVXQ fans listen to their music up to 3 hours daily

TVXQ is dominating the Japanese music industry, even with their controversy going on. This is mainly due to their huge fanbase and their Japanese fans, who can go a little bit crazy for their idols. But did you know that many of their fans listen to their music up to three hours daily?

Japan’s main music store HMV had surveyed 3,846 people before releasing TVXQ’s Best Selection of 2010 album. They found out that 49% of the people that participated in the survey listened to the group’s music two to three hours daily. 5% of those who took the survey listened to their songs ten hours daily. Of course, we don’t know how many fans answered truthfully, but these stats by themselves are pretty hilarious.

The survey also asked how many of their fans had visited South Korea. 72% answered that they never visited, 22% answered that they had visited around two or three times, and one fan answered that she visited the country over forty times.

The survey also asked about how long they had been fans of the group. 7% answered that they were fans since TVXQ’s debut, 12% answered since TVXQ’s debut in Japan, 21% answered three years, 29% answered two years, and 31% answered one year. This proves the fact that the group has a substantial number of fans each year.

The last question asked fans why they loved TVXQ. 37% answered ‘teamwork’, 24% answered ’singing abilities’, 16% answered the group’s ‘personalities’, 8% answered their ‘peformances’, and 1% answered their ‘appearance’.

I want to see why our readers like TVXQ. Leave a comment below explaining your reasons (assuming you haven’t already)!

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