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20 February 2010

SunMi’s last performance with the WonderGirls on 20th February on Pop-Con Concert

WonderGirls SunMi will have her last performance with the group before she will leave the group for a while to pursue her studies on 20th February (local time).

The girls will be performing for ‘PopCon Concert’ in New York Long Island Nassau Coliseum that day.

Other young singers like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Meaghan Martin and Days Difference will also be performing at the concert.

And with the performance, SunMi will be ending her promotions with WonderGirls temporarily and return to Korea in March. Afterwhich she will prepare for her college life.

JYP Entertainment trainee HyeRim will taking over SunMi’s position on the team. She already performed with the WonderGirls on 4th February.

S: StarNews

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