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26 February 2010

[ spazz] Yes, Because we are One




2003.12.26 start


A group who debuted trusting only their good looks for success

Honestly, they’re handsome. They’re good looking. It’s an undeniable truth.
But could they have kept so many fans for six years with just good looks?

All idols these days are handsome.
Where will you find an ugly idol?
Even if they were considered ugly, that would be in idol standards.

To tell you the truth, I’m not a HUG Cassie.
Although I was an immature elemtary school student, there were groups before TVXQ that I liked.
I’m not a migratory fan. My friend was always shouting TVXQ’s nsames
and supporting TVXQ. So I naturally memorized their names and faces.

It’s an undeniable fact.
Truthfully, all the other groups I liked before were handsome too.
The more handsome they were, the more I liked them.

But that was before I met TVXQ.
Before that, I always judged singers by looks.

One day, I woke up to find myself a Cassie.
And now I feel as though I can’t live without TVXQ.
Out of the 460 kids in my grade at school

There were only four of us who called ourselves Cassiopeia.
And we had it pretty bad, according to the student population.

I’ve fought with my mom a lot because of TVXQ
Most of it used to be about spending most of my allowance on TVXQ

Whatever made me happy, sad or disheartened
always had TVXQ in it somewhere
Now, I can’t imagine life without them..

When I talk about TVXQ

instead of

“TVXQ is Asia’s best star.”

I subconsiously say

“We are Asia’s best star.”

I show through my body that we are really and truly one.
But it’s not only me, every Cassie does it.

They have such a grand K-pop history that it would be a shame to label them even as legends.

My mom always says,
“Does TVXQ feed you?”
“TVXQ gives me a reason to eat.”

I eat because of TVXQ, I sleep because of TVXQ
I study because of TVXQ and I live because of TVXQ....

Short phrases I would say to TVXQ

U-Know Yunho: Cool guys
YoungWoong Jaejoong: Can’t live without you all.
Micky Yoochun: Always be smiling.
Xiah Junsu: We are One.
Choikang Changmin: We still have a long way to go.

never ending tvxq

Together forever? Together Forever. Forever as one. Of course.
We love you.

All we can do right now is believe in each other.

TVXQ must believe in Cassiopeia
Cassiopeia must believe in TVXQ

All we can do is belive in each other and overcome this.
Disbandment? Ridiculous.

How could such an amazing group,
who has branched out into the world,
who has so many loyal and loving fans,

So don’t assume the worst and cry
Don’t be tired. Disbandment will not happen.
Don’t cry.

2010 September comeback.

(I don’t think this is a rumor, more like something that spread from speculations)

When are you going to come overthrow K-pop?
If you return, this will be TVXQ’s year.

Be careful, all you singers making a comeback in September.
We will take all the first place spots.....!

I miss you. I’ll wait for you. I love you forever.
Four letters engraved deep in my heart, TVXQ.

And Cassiopeia, my eternal companion
who I will never forget.

We are one, we can never be separated

Jung Yunho. Kim Jaejoong. Park Yoochun. Kim Junsu. Shim Changmin.

I love you, my first loves who I will never forget.
I will wait for you, whether it takes a year, ten years or a hundred.
Come back. It doesn’t matter when. Just come back and I won’t complain.
Don’t be worn out. Don’t be sick.
When you are, 800,000 people are worn out and sick with you..

The times we spent apart only made our love stronger

by. 에코

source: [Naver Blog]
translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
shared by: sharingyoochun+ dbskdream

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