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26 February 2010

[News] SHINee at Press Conference in Cambodia 100222

"Phnom Penh, February 23th, 2010:
There are almost 20 fans, who are waiting to meet and ask for a signature, while a very famous Korean boy band SHINee were having press conference at Cambodiana Hotel from 11am until 12am on February 22nd, 2010.

SHINee, which is very famous around Asia, will have a performance at Olympic Stadium on Tuesday, February 23rd , 2010. This concert is made by local TV net, CTN and MyTV, under a big sponsor of Cellcard.

Answering to the non-stop questions from our journalist, SHINee, which has 5 members, said that they were really happy because they could come to Cambodia for the first time and wished that it will be a lot of fans at Olympic Stadium. They were so happy when they heard that more than 1.000 tickets were sold out since the first day of selling.

For this performance on this February 23rd , 2010, SHINee will perform 5 songs. Beside singing and dancing, they also have individual talent, but please wait to see it on February 23rd , 2010.

Why does SHINee choose Cambodia as a place for performing?

Answering to this question, SHINee said that recently they are doing tours and performances in Asia. Besides, they also like Cambodia and they heard that there are many fans who love and support SHINee. That’s why they decided to perform in Cambodia. SHINee also has schedule to visit orphans at the evening time of the February 22nd .

After performing in Cambodia, SHINee, which debuted at May 2008, will go to perform in Japan. This band used to perform at some countries such as China, Singapore and Japan.

Will SHINee come back to Cambodia or not?

The answer is, if there are lots of fans or supporters for SHINee, they will come back again next time.

In this live concert, which is held at Olympic Stadium from 7pm on this February 23rd , 2010, people are expecting that SHINee would perform Amigo, Juliette and RDD. Also, some famous Cambodian artists would perform in this concert. This concert ticket cost $5.

Through the local TV network CTN and MyTV, we know that MVs of SHINee are showed almost all the time on MyTV, as well as its songs are being used as a Ringtone.

Source ken.com.kh (By: SEREY)
trans : kulin
shared by: dbskdream

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