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26 February 2010

[NEWS] Fans trash JYPE building, activities planned for following days!

As soon as the notice was confirmed on the 25th, fans rushed to the JYPE building and trashed it by throwing mayo, ketchup, and eggs. On the 26th, fans littered the building with ripped up pictures and CD's of the 2PM members and have even put bundles of chrysanthemum flowers at the entrance. (TN: Chrysanthemums and other white flowers signify death in Korea.)

The fans that agreed to speak with journalists explained the signifiance of the chrysanthemums, stating, "It means that without Jaebum, 2PM fans are dead."

Many have since withdrawn from the official fan cafe of 2PM and have stated, "Should 2PM continue to promote themselves with 6 members, we will no longer be a 2PM fan. We will become Jaebum's personal fans or 2PM anti fans."

On the day of the actual conference, the 27th, the fans are expected to take drastic measures.

Fans will leave white chrysanthemums at the entrance, explaining, "At the time, we were planning to put red roses in an effort to encourage a positive result to the conference. However, with the recent notification of Jaebum's complete withdrawal, we have changed the flowers to white chrysanthemums."

There is also a private protest set for the 28th. Fans have stated, "We do not have enough time to request permission for a full out protest because the notification was put up too suddenly. We will be holding a private protest instead."

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