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23 February 2010

Jung Yonghwa, "Please Don't Worry."


[Credit: paperwings09@cnblue-sky.net] [Seo Ju Young Reporter @ Spots Joseon]

"I'm only a little hurt, so please do not worry."

Idol band CNBLUE's lead vocal, Jung Yonghwa shows his mature side. Despite being hurt from a car crash, he is more concerned with relieving worrying fans.

An associate from FNCMUSIC on the 22nd revealed on SportsJoSeon, "Today, Jung Yonghwa on his way to shoot 's was sent to the emergency room after going through a car crash."

Moreover, he revealed, "Jung Yonghwa's car fell into a ditch when it turned a curve, trying to avoid a car that had already crashed. It rained that day so the road was very slippery. He wasn't heavily hurt, but in order to take precautions we took an X-ray, and after we have a thorough check-up with the doctor we will sort out his schedule."

From the hospital, Jung Yonghwa sent a message to his fans, "I apologize for causing everyone to worry. I'm not badly hurt so please do not worry."

Jung Yonghwa, who shot to the spotlight after the airing of SBS's drama , is also a member of the band CNBLUE, which reached No.1 on various music charts, solidifying his position as a top star.

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