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20 February 2010

2NE1’s clothes charity auction gets overwhelming responses, current total bid price exceeds 10 million KRW

Girlgroup 2NE1 achieves a total bid price of over 10 million KRW and overwhelming responses for their charity auction sales.

SK Telcom Open 11st held a ‘2NE1 clothes charity auction’ from 11th February and the results as seen from 19th February, the girls have received a total bid price of over 10 million KRW.

The starting bid for the charity auction starts from 1000 KRW, and as of 8pm on 19th February there have been 1205 bids, and all the 4 sets of clothes put up for auctions have received a total of 11 KRW in bid price.

And the best-selling set of clothes is from Sandara Park’s which has fetched a price of 3.17 million KRW in price currently, and as for the rest of the members the current bidding price is 2.5 KRW.

The clothes on auction is the clothes the girls wore for their special delivery event CF filming for 11st – CL with the dandy look, Park Bom with the modern look, Sandara Park with the cute look and MinJi with the sporty look style.


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