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31 January 2010

Super Junior ShinDong explains comments made on fat women on radio show

Super Junior ShinDong has been criticized for his gender comments.

This happened during ‘ShinDong and Kim ShinYeong’s ShimShimTapa’ aired on 29th January, when a female listener talked about dieting near lunar new year’s time.

The listener has decided to do on a diet for the festive season and told her boyfriend but he said, “Don’t start if you are going to quit after a few days. Your body is not one which will change with diet” and they quarreled.

Kim ShinYeong said, “To a girl, talking about her weight is like asking to be hit,” and guest appearance Ilak said, “For me I say don’t lose weight. I will give tips on doing it with exercise if you want to.”

ShinDong then commented, “For me, if you have to lose weight, then you should. Lose a little weight, can’t you just manage yourself. If I say this, the other party will go ‘Who are you to~’ and I will say ‘I’m a guy and you’re a girl’.”

With such a comment, Kim ShinYoung and Goo EunYeong announcer said, “Why did the issue of gender come out for this? Girls should be slim and guys…”

ShinDong then said, “I’m just saying. To be honest, it’s like how I would want the person I love to be prettier or more handsome/cooler.”

But after the broadcast, netizens were in heated discussion over what ShinDong said on the show. And this once again sparked off criticism over Super Junior members’ comments on ‘fat woman’ on a variety show recently.

They were on ‘SaeBaKwi’ recently when YeSung said, “I’m someone who think that fat people are lazy.” and Lee Teuk also said, “I really don’t like females who are fat. They looked like they can’t manage themselves well.”

Meanwhile, netizens said, “I cannot stand how guys can be fat while girls cannot be”, “He himself has chubby charms, but receives much love for it, how can he say such things?” etc.

S:BNT News

Shindong explains on Twitter

After the news went out, ShinDong posted apology messages and explain his case on his Twitter account on 30th Jan.

He wrote:

  • http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popup=0&nid=04&c1=04&c2=04&c3=00&nkey=201001301520193&mode=sub_view ……..ㅜㅜ Sorry…….”
  • “I don’t mean that…It was what I said to my girlfriend…. I just wanted to say that if I have a girlfriend I would want her to be prettier… I don’t mean that girls have to lose weight… I’m sorry that everyone heard it that way.. But please understand that I don’t mean it that wayㅜㅜ”
  • “…………Thank you everyone for giving me strength. But a wrongdoing is a wrongdoing.. I apologise for that… Sorry.. And I will be careful next time.. I will work hard to bring to everyone better broadcast shows.. I will be careful.. Please show love for ShimShimTaPa. ShimShimTaPa Hwaiting! SuJu Hwaiting!”

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