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31 January 2010

Brown Eyed Girls GaIn, “Im SeulOng’s chests are really big!”

Brown Eyed Girls GaIn gives fans and netizens a good laugh with her unique request to 2AM Im SeulOng.

GaIn recently wrote on Im SeulOng’s minihompy, “Don’t wear fitting tees. Please I beg you.”

The reason behind GaIn’s request is SeulOng’s chests which are said to have some ‘volume’. Recently for 2AM’s new song ‘Even If I Die, I will not let you go’ MV, there was a scene where SeulOng had to sing in the rain, exposing his chest through his wet shirt.

And on the blog ‘AdamAdam’ made by the made-believe couple on MBC We Got Married aired on 20th January, they also mentioned about SeulOng’s chest.

GaIn had written, “Ong AhJiBaem’s chest is… I hate to say this but his chest as compared to mine… is bigger. I know I’m the only one who thought that way but looking at the replies posted others also thought his chest stood out.”

Also on Mnet Wild Bunny, the 2PM and 2AM members have also commented “like an orang utan” to SeulOng. While many netizens who have seen the MV thought SeulOng looked sexy in it.

S: bntnews

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