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31 December 2009

Kim Heechul is getting married to…?

Super Junior's pretty boy, Kim Heechul, is getting married! Well, in a drama at least.

So who is the lucky girl? She is actress Park Soo Jin, who plays Kim Heechul's girlfriend on the SBS weekend drama, 'I Love You Ten Million Times'. The two will be getting married despite the opposition from the family members.

Lee Chul (Kim Heechul) fell in love with Oh Nan Jung (Park Soo Jin) at first sight and kept clinging on to her, but Nan Jung's heart was already so attached to a guy named Baek Kang Ho (Jung Kyuh Woon). The playful friendship turned romantic when one night, Lee Chul impregnated Nan Jung! Tsk tsk Heechul. Always in such a hurry! Oh Nan Jung realized that Lee Chul has always been there for her, and decided to get married.

However, their marriage was not so easily approved. The mothers of both households were strongly against the marriage, but the conflicts made their love even stronger! In the end, they did end up marrying.

On December 23rd, Kim Hee Chul in a black tuxedo, and Park Soo Jin in a short mini wedding dress, got "married". The two supposedly filmed as if they were really getting married!


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