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31 December 2009

G-Dragon picked as one of the Earth’s Most Beautiful People of 2009

According to a Chinese list of the Earth’s 50 Most Beautiful People for the year of 2009, G-Dragon was picked as one for his charisma on stage, yet child-like smile off the stage. He was number 28, while Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga tied for #1.

Since Big Bang’s early days, their young leader G-Dragon has been accused of plagiarism, the same thing happened when G-Dragon released his own solo album. This individualistic Leo, blood type A guy is always upright on the stage and stubbornly sings his own songs. However once he turns around to hug his beloved dog “GaHo“, he is full of child-like smiles.”

Chinese article: yule
Thanks to onlyve | 500_roses | Boonzxzx

Source: alee @ iBigBang

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