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30 November 2009

[TRANS] 091130 Keita: I met Jaejoong yesterday

Title: Yesterday

I met with Jaejoong.

We ended up talking about how noone really knew how great we got along with each other, and the conclusion was, 'we'll give more appeal!' (laugh)

We're really happy that we sparked off a good peaceful relationship between those of you who like w-inds and those of you who like Tohoshinki.

It's also been said recently that the atmosphere is similar. (laughs)

I forgot to take a picture, so I'll put it up next time. I'll update soon~

(t/n: I'm not sure what exactly the atmosphere is he's referring to, but I'm guessing the atmosphere between both fanbases of winds and tohoshinki maybe~)

Source: Keita's Ameblo
Translated by: hajargiler@dbsknights
Credits: DBSKnights
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