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30 November 2009

[News] 090901 The Secret Backstage of ShinKi, reveal on a japan reporter’s blog

Interview took place 2 hours before their performance.
JeJung laughed and said, “long time no see~!”
In reality, I had an interview with them at July, but during that time they look exhausted…
This time round they were all high in spirit.
During the interview, YunHo and JaeJoong spoke the most. Our conversation lasted for around 20 minutes, they had mentioned a lot from the bottom of their heart, especially for YunHo.

On the first day, YunHo walked around in the resting room uncomfortable, his legs must be in pain.
Expectedly, he injured his right leg.
However he insisted on performing after acupunture.
He smiled and said, “I’m feeling better as compare to yesterday, it’s alright~”
During interview, he also showed his capability as a leader in controlling the members. (Balancing individual, making sure everyone had a chance to speak)

JeJung was in good spirits, keeping a conversation with us excitedly.
When talking about his own charisma [smile…], the rest of them look at him hilariously, which leave a strong impression on me.

ChangMin looks like an adult, very COOL.
While the rest of the members were talking, he always listens joyfully.
He said that his charisma is [sweat], which I’m a little shocked at, but people who is frank is suitable for anything.

As for JunSu, he was more or less steady.
But he starts to get excited half way through the interview. (T/N meaning he is out of control? XD)

After the interview, other than group photo taking, YuChun and JeJung also had their photo taken together for their new single, which was going to release on September. During shooting, their poses were very intimated, looks like they had a close relationship.

What did YuChun said? Ah~ he mentioned that he was there as a “joker”~
He must say something that makes everyone laugh.
He looks very calm before the actual performance… that I admire.
Which means, when JeJung said [wanting to show something new…], YuChun have to cut in with [noodle? Noodle? It’s important that it’s springy~]. (T/N making joke with Japanese words?! I guess]
Then, he have to make eyes contact with others randomly, making many different funny expressions to entertain the audience.

They went on stage, gave a performance that was way beyond standard.
Singing and dancing, were all excellent.
Their strong existence and team spirit were spectacular.
For a moment they manage to bring 5 million audiences into [The World of TOHOSHINKI].

During last year A-nation, JeJung mentioned that he kept looking out for TOHOSHINKI towel.
However, this year round, almost the whole audience was filled with TOHOSHINKI green towel.
JeJung was overwhelmed with thousand emotions, “I saw many of them. This year is the best!”

Almost 5 years after they debuted in Japan, they had successfully become Japan top artist.
Where would they head towards after this?
<> (Japan Magazine) will continue to follow them and report their movement.
Please look forward!

Source: goo.ne.jp
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress | shasha-dbskforever.blogspot.com [Dbsk Dream]
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

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