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30 October 2009

Ye Eun : "We're still very close to Hyuna"

Although Hyuna had dropped out of her former girl group, Wonder Girls, it doesn't mean that they've lost contact! The Wonder Girls revealed on a Chinese Internet/radio show they're still close with Hyuna.

On the 29th, Wonder Girls went down to a recording session for Sina, an Internet/radio show where they answered questions about life and their upcoming first-ever Chinese concert later on this year in December.

"Yes, we are still very close with Hyuna, especially Yoo Bin," Ye Eun stated after the Interviewer asked if the Wonder Girls are still close with former member, Hyuna, "She had left when her health was not in a very good condition.. but now seeing her in another group and being healthy, we are very happy and proud of her."

Earlier this year, Sun Mi had also said she missed Hyuna and was happy she was doing better and could enjoy singing and dancing with her new group, 4minute.

credits : omgkpop

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