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30 October 2009

[TRANS] 091026 f(x) - KBS Kiss The Radio

This is originally posted by ek10 @ Soompi Forums

Eeteuk asks Amber that she gets a lot of misunderstandings of being a boy or a girl, How does that feel/What do you think? Amber replies saying that when she was young in America she got a lot of misunderstandings and so now she doesn't think about those things anymore. Eeteuk then talks about the hanbok picture and how all the other girls wore the woman's traditional dress but Amber didn't, wearing the men's hanbok. He then says "Because you're a girl, don't you want to dress up pretty?". Amber replies saying I don't wear dresses that much and that I find pants more comfortable to wear. [Don't know the name of the women who asked Amber, I think her name is Lee Soo-young ] asked how old are you and Amber said I'm 18 [Korean age]. Eunyuk goes on to say the two chains wrapped around your neck makes you look tough[?-not sure how to translate that] Dont' know who said it but whispered in the background, "Amber looks a bit scary" [hmm, I don't think so]. Eeteuk talks about how it's only been two months since F(x) debuted then to 2am and then to Lee Soo-young(?) that it's been 10 years for her. Lee Soo-young says that there isn't any difference me sitting next to F(x), I look like I'm in the group [Everyone laughs].
Eeteuk asks the F(x) group whether there is anyone who wants to do a bit of DJing right now. Sulli answers and the music goes on, Sulli says "Hello, This is Kiss the Radio and I am Su-Su-Sulli. The weather is nice today isn't it? This Kiss the Radio show please listen to it happily and let's all Lacha, Lacha, ta ta~!". Eunyuk says wow did you learn it? and Sulli says yes I have prepared it a little. Then Luna says she has prepared a little DJing as well. The music goes on and Luna starts saying in a reporter-type accent "Hello, This is Kiss the Radio Luna. This LuRadio is my first introduction, wipe all your worries and listen to LuRadio. Let's start with listening to Lachata!" Eeteuk asks Soo-young which person did the best DJing and she replies saying that they were all different, Sulli is morning and Luna in the afternoon.
Sings Lachata and fans scream in the end.
Eeteuk asks him what type of girls from F(x) do you like? and Chungmin (from 2am) says I like the kind and cute type..Sulli ssi.

After that the guests are asking questions to Eetuek and Eunyuk.

Source: translation of ek10 @ Soompi Forums
Translator: ek10 @ Soompi Forums
Credit&Shared By: miyachan11 @ aff(x)tion forums

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