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30 October 2009

Netizens use some imagination on f(x) Amber

With SM new girlgroup f(x)’s debut this year, much attention was also paid on member Amber who stood out with her boyish charms.

Amber is also spotted in boyish outfits and styles, but netizens decided to play around with the idea and gave Amber a little touch of femininity.

Go under the cut to find out!

In one of the online noticeboard posts by netizens, there was one titled ‘f(x) Amber is a pretty girl with long hair!’

And in the post are the photos:


after :

A netizen decided to play with PhoShop and gave Amber long wavy hair and long lashes.

Other netizens’ responses were:

  • “Still, she looks like a boy”
  • “Wow, she looks really pretty”
  • “She looks like Lee JunKi now”
    • “I thought I saw Yoon Do Hyun”
  • “I actually thought she looked like Tiffany in this new image”
    • “Wow Tiffany!”
  • “Is there by any chance that her twin is standing in for her in the group” <—— reference to drama ‘You’re Beautiful’, I love it!
  • “Charming and beautiful”
  • “She was a woman?”
  • “I think people should stop talking about this topic, we never know if Amber really feels hurt reading these posts and comments”

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