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27 September 2009

[Trans] B-Pass Magazine November issue – Jejung & Yuchun

At Tohoshinki’s Tokyo Dome performance on July 4th – 5th, for the first time the warm and beautiful song “COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~” was disclosed. The song will be included in the new single “COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~ / Shelter ” by the special unit under the name “JEJUNG & YUCHUN (from Tohoshinki)” that is going to release on September 30th.

We will reveal the production of this piece to the ordinary composition experience, thorough an in-depth interview with both of them.

- Is this the first song that both of you composed together?

JJ: Until now actually we have frequently done composing music together. This is only one of them. However this is the first song which in its composing period, after we had the inspiration then naturally the melody composition came only in a short time.

- What was the theme in your mind when you’re writing the song?

JJ: Because this song was specially written for Tokyo Dome concert, therefore we deliberately composed a song that is easy to be remembered once it’s listened so that everyone may be able to sing along with us together. The content of the themes in this song is also a result from keywords, and we also invited HUB to write lyrics that can summarize our feeling to this song.

YC: The so-called keywords here is our fans demand. This song is not merely a love song to convey feeling only to somebody, but a kind of love song that can transmits a broader love feeling towards everything.

JJ: as expected, this kind of cheerful song can be sung together with everyone and the gentle feeling of this song is also very good.

YC: Furthermore, as Jejung and I always talk one to another, we hope that we can sing this song with our heart that is filled with love and gratitude.

- Speaking of two people who compose music together, we’re very interested with the situation at that time. Do you have different ways in composing song?

JJ: Yes. I have a lot of ways in composing. Sometimes I start by arranging the whole tune first, yet sometimes I start by composing the melody first. In another time I start writing by thinking about the background story of the song first. It changes depending on the mood.

- How bout composing instruments?

YC: Sometimes I use personal computers and in another chance I use variety of musical instruments. Since the composition method will vary according to different circumstances, so the use of equipments is also based on it.

- How do you learn your composition method?

YC: I don’t learn about it specifically.
JJ: Me too.

YC: The beginning of us starting to compose music was sometime after we just arrived in Japan for the first time. Because at that time we happened to not having too much work, we had so much idle time in our hands. Therefore, we started to buy some equipments bit by bit and started composing music.

JJ: And since then, we had slightly our own composition style. However, sometimes we used the same composition equipments, though (laughs). The same equipment, the same musical instrument, the same guitar, the same computer, and the same composing procedure.

- Really!?

YC: the keyboard is not the same!
JJ: Only that one (laughs). But because most of them are the same, since then we have gradually revealed our emotional personality to each other.
YC: Yet still turning to a completely different colors ahead on.
JJ: Although when we use the same sound, but the atmosphere of music each of us created in the end turns it into a completely different song.
YC: Yes. Since then, the music which we listen and the emotional approach of our composition method come really different.

- Now that you have mentioned about the story of your equipments, then you both rooms that have been piled up with equipments must be looking similar then?

JJ: Yeah~ everywhere is electrical wires. Those equipments spread out heat (laughs).

At night when the room lights turned off, these equipments really don’t look good at all. I’m pretty much fussing about it. Because the selection of equipment we might use necessarily must consider the contour design of the equipment, and the sound quality is also very important, therefore when storing them in the room, should as well considering how to put them in a good structure.

YC: When seeing a room that is filled with equipments, there can be a strong feeling of “let’s do some compositions”.
JJ: I also want some new equipments.

- However, since the manual of new equipment seems as thick as a dictionary, after the buying, won’t it very much troublesome?

JJ: I have never read any manuals (laughs). I found out the operation method of the equipment by myself, and gradually remembered it.

- The song that is composed in equipment room, won’t be any third party that mutually listen to it?

YC: I will let other people to listen to it. When someone just finish creating a song, mostly they always want someone to listen to it.

- (regarding each other self-composed song) what kind of impression do you have?

YC: Has much in taste. Definitely you could feel a kind of metropolis night’s atmosphere in it. I myself nearly never use any sound effect process, while he uses various sound effects, therefore there is an electronic style feeling.

JJ: Yuchun’s song absolutely takes piano sound as its main melody, really has a Yuchun-kind of feeling.
YC: because I like music without editing its original sound. In short, a song that is filled with an evening’s atmosphere.

JJ: Well, since they’re all composed in the evening anyway (laughs). Moreover, I do arrangement only in the evening when my attention is most able to concentrate. At that time, I can even only stare at the surface of dark computer screen.

- That’s how you composed “COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~”?

JJ: It has a daytime melody, meanwhile the arrangement was done by me at night.

- What does become the keypoint of this song?

JJ: The melody composition is very simple, this is the most important part. However, in order to avoid to be an over-simple and seemed a bit monotonous, we pay special attention when was creating this part.

- Then what kind of feeling do you have towards the song’s lyrics?

JJ: It just matches the song atmosphere right away. HUB is really great~ I especially like the bridge part. Especially when singing that part, the mood turns really good.
YC: As for me, I prefer the lyrics in the B-part of the melody, when I’m singing it, I think the mood turns better while flowing to the final part.

- Now can you tell us your impression to the other song, “SHELTER”?

JJ: This is the first song in which Yuchun has a lot of great rap part. Almost about half of the song is rap, I really like it. About the title “SHELTER”, well… it actually means as “shelter (a hiding place)”. But through this song, that word displays another meaning. It’s somekind of “protection” meaning. The lyrics of this song was co-written by HUB and Yuchun.
YC: This song is co-composed and arranged by Jejung and I together in completion. Therefore it’s filled with a variety of individual elements, even when we haven’t a PV for this song, I hope the meaning of the song can be well understood.

- This song is also arranged by Jejung. Seems that Jejung has already become a true arranger.

JJ: No no (laughs)

- You must have become an expert soon!

JJ: This is just by chance (laughs). Only the opportunity is quite good.

- Jejung already has a good arranger ability which can be trusted.

YC: Eh~ he’s indeed…. very good~ (explode in laughter)
JJ: When the editing finished and I showed the song to Yuchun, I was really nervous. Whether it’s still lacking on something, but we’re very clear to each other.

- So, in compared to 100,000 people who actually become the first audiences of this song’s performance, indeed you both consider your counterpart as the first audience?

YC: Yes. Because only when listening to each other’s feeling, there would be a better improvement in communication between us. Therefore each of us is the first audience to each other.

JJ: In arranging, recording, mixing, there is a continuous process of improvement, by asking for a mutual confirmation like “if it sounds like this, is it alright?” by time, we can gradually create a good song. That’s why in order to make more people would say “It sounds good…”, I try to constantly increase the quality of my composition.

YC: Then, I want to try composing a song with terrorist feeling and a gentle rock and roll!

source: B-PASS Magazine
credit: withtvxq
trans + shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
shared by dbsk dream

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