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30 August 2009

090828 Shindong’s problem “Loose weight or not ?”, “I cant give up the happiness from eating”

Super Junior Shindong had expressed his problem about diet.

At 03.59AM, August 26th, Shindong wrote on his own minihompy that “I have a problem. Should I loose weight or not ?”

Shindong wrote “Are you curious if I loose weight, arent you ? Are you curious if I become a really skinny person, arent you ? It’s diet which will stop it as just imagination”, “Who did tell me….ways to loose weight ? I know them all. But why I cant do if even though I know ? Why I cant do it ? It’s because I cant give up the happiness from eating”, “It’s one of the Five Blessings ! How can I give up the happiness from eating ! Now I’m currently eating raw ramen. After eating everything….Bobo is singing ! Late regret…..”
Shindong’s fans wrote on his minihompy “Oppa dont be stressed, just do as you like”, “I still like (it) however your body looks like ! please be healthy”, “Please dont loose weight. I love your current appearance”, “Bobo’s


, Oppa is jjang


“, “Now you look cute with this (body)”, object him to being on a diet


Bobo is a singer and “Late regret” is one of her song….and yeah ^^ Shindong meant he regret after eating the raw ramen and his regret is late


jjang mean the best

original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
may take out with full credits

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