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24 July 2009

[News] 090723 Oricon Style Magazine August Issue Interview

Near! Their own personality and charm are coming fast!!


Birthday: 18th February 1988
Height: 186CM
Weight: 61
Blood Type: B

A shy gentlemen who holds a passion

Changmin is in charge of the higher range when singing. A check on his personality “Even if he’s shy and scared of strangers, but once he decided to do something, he’ll do it.” Has a very mature personality. A very humble person who treats others gentle, (it was written in 2008 2nd July Issue) “He has a passion to become better”, he’s a strong person who has a will to move forward.


Birthday: 6th February 1986
Height: 184CM
Weight: 66KG
Blood Type: A

Has a charm of being a leader to let everyone depend on. Once focused, he becomes really cool!

TVXQ’s leader, has to listen to the members’ view, then come out with a conclusion when in trouble. His own personality is that “No matter what, I’ll achieve my goals, once you focus on something, there’s sure to be some benefits somewhere” (Written in 14th July 2008 Issue)


Birthday: 4th June 1986
Height: 180CM
Weight: 64KG
Blood Type: O

Have a gentle heart, believing in others and moving towards his goals

In the past Yoochun was said that he was unable to believe anyone. (Written in 28th July 2008 Issue) “However, because of his members and staffs support, he now changed and starts to believe in people”. “In TVXQ, he’ll care more about everyone’s, that kind of balance” and he loves to worry about the others.


Birthday: 26th January 1986
Height: 178CM
Weight: 63KG
Blood Type: O

Straight forward and innocent!

A curiosity heart that refuse to lose to anyone

Jaejoong’s personality could be considered as straight forward and innocent. In the past interview, it was mentioned, “I’am always thinking that sleeping is a waste of time~ once the sun is up, I have to wake up!”
And just because of this, could conclude that “Because of his curiosity, whatever is in his mind, he’ll just speak it all out”


1st January 1987
Height: 178CM
Weight: 60KG
Blood Type: B

He’s a professional in intimidating others and creating a very warm atmosphere

Because he had said before “Within TVXQ, I’m a mood maker” therefore he’s able to bring everything around him to a high tension. Having a strong service attitude(?). had said before “Even if i was to abandon myself, I wish to make everyone beside me smile”

Source :Never End 未完- Shim Changmin Site
Trans : Mel@OneTVXQ
Credit : OneTVXQ
Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + dbsk dream

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