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29 July 2009

Korean Stars Putting Their Fame To Good Use

Many events, organizations and public groups hire celebrities, both popular and up-and-coming, to act as spokespersons and goodwill ambassadors, and the reason is simple: They attract attention.

“It’s all about the attention effect. The main goal for an advertisement or a promotion would be actual purchasing or participation. But before that, you have to attract people to get them involved. Hiring big stars is indeed one of the most effective ways to catch the public’s attention,” professor Kang Seung-koo of the Media Arts and Science Department at Korea Open University told The Korea Times.

Even fans have stepped up to do their part for the causes their favorite stars promote. Members of pop group Super Junior’s fan club, Elf, donated blood donation tickets, money, ramen and even rice to support under privileged children and premature infants.

“As (the stars’) final goal is to promote the event or organization, it all depends on how they follow up after being noticed. Once they’ve attracted attention, they must encourage the public to be involved in what they are promoting, which is much more than just smiling and having photos taken,” Kang advised.

Source: Korea Times
Posted by: minsarang

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