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28 July 2009

FT Island HongKi, “Our group members cannot have the same ideal girl, and Song HyeGyo is mine”

Recently came back with their 3rd album and title song ‘I Hope’ group FT Island member Lee HongKi was on KBS Star GoldenBell on 25th July.

He revealed a rule which the group members must abide by, “Amongst the members we cannot have the same ideal type of girl. If Song HyeGyo is my ideal type of girl, she is mine.” causing laughter in the recording studio.

He also added, “There was this fan who likes to appear with the placard ‘Choi JungHoon, draw out your blood’. We even received a box with a syringe filled with blood before. We got worried but released that it was just ketchap in the syringe.

cr : sookyeong@wp + dbsk dream

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