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31 May 2009

[Information]东方神起4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~ The Secret Code-Fukuoka 2 days! STAFF REPORT

Under the surface blue sky晴RE渡TTA, Fukuoka Day 2 started!
Goods sold will start soon!

For visitors, but please be careful because the hot body!

We started the sale of live photos!

For visitors, please check us ♪
Campaign is a membership site!
OFISHARUFANKURABU Bigeast to those who join us at the "hand-written message card member" for free!
Please join us this opportunity ♪

Even while doing the same menu every performance, the members all or nothing.
We fight among members a place to get out!

The remaining stages are YUNHO!
The drum is practice ☆

Able to demonstrate to you some day ...!

BIBINPA manager's hand!

Recipe, the egg and沢庵bloom and sweet-sour pork with kimchi and tofu hemp婆(laughs).
Considerable volume (*_*)

Members, the taste? When asked, delicious! He says.
This will also live in today頑張REMASU (^ O ^)

GOFURETTO and if they enjoy a coffee,,,
割RA was half YUCHON (-.-;)

GOFURETTO vanilla is sold exclusively at I ☆

YUCHON gentle massage to give you a JUNSU!
Or so someone thought, in the way the trainer has actually (>_<) Continue to yesterday, I stopped YUCHON ...

JUNSU are taped.

And hear the cheers of the people were saying and outgrow the pain JUNSU (^ ^)
Please support hot today!

So Fukuoka is the first two performances!

You will not!

dnbn + dbsk dream
trans: google trans

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