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30 March 2009

[News] MIROTIC Concert To Be Broadcasted in May

Broadcast dates are subject to change without notice. Latest information please see the EPG)

○ Attractions

TVXQ as top star of Asia is now already known so well. First debuted in Korea in 2004, followed by their shocking debut in Japan at ZEPP TOKYO, Budoukan, and Arena tour, the boys have been steadily stepping up.

TBS Channel will broadcast the Sunday, February 22nd, 2009 concert which was held in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium as the only TV channel that is allowed to broadcast the show!
It’s already awaited by many fans in Japan who were hardly watching TVXQ delivered their latest live images. Also, in March will be aired “Dong Bang Shin Ki 2006 LIVE CONCERT RISING SUN” (T/N: already passed, it’s aired on March 28th), in April “TVXQ 2007 THE 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT” O (T/N: April 25th 11 am - 01 pm) — all are broadcasted as live records from South Korea. Do not miss it!

○ Plot

[2009 Sunday, February 22 16:00 - @ Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium]

As the start of THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT “MIROTIC”, there was a sound of their old song “O” Jun Ban Hap on stage. JUNSU, YOOCHUN, JAEJOONG, CHANGMIN, and YUNHO all the 5 members as soon as they appeared, the cheers/screams just suddenly filled the venue. The 3 days concert tickets at Seoul Olympic Park Gymanasium which was in total of 36,000 copies was sold out in 15 minutes.

Nevertheless, the arena seats around the circular stage, had gathered many fans from Japan. The audience left their seats, standing, and shaking violently their red light stick, the hotter the heat, the harder the shake. Last year, when seeing them in Super Arena in Saitama, considerably you were excited. But this time, it was much more in entirely from that day.
After being hiatus in Korea for 1 year and 7 months, they released the 4th album - MIROTIC-’. Yoochun had his solo “Love Bye Love” on piano plays, Jaejoong’s “It is my world,” showed a strong outstanding soulful vocal. Changmin performed “Upon This Rock”, was singing enthusiastically in English. While Yunho and Junsu had their best dance showdown, with each climax was entwined with the female dancer voluptuously, such high scream had arisen from all over the venue.

It’s all about full of attractions, the concert included three encores. But the highlight of the show was since the MC part and the songs were in their own native languages, occasionally they looked relaxed, by that you can discover the charm of TVXQ you won’t ever see in Japan. Close to the end of the show, they sang their Japanese song “Somebody to Love” in the atmosphere turned to the climax.

The charm of Asia’s top group TVXQ is not to be ignored. Expectation keeps increasing even in the Arena tour in Japan which starts in May.

source: http://www.tbs.co.jp/tbs-ch/lineup/o1191.html
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Shared by: Dbsk dream

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