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28 March 2009

[090326/Donghae] Suju Donghae shed tears during filming because of his Dad

Super Junior's Donghae shed tears during filming MBC "Let's sleep here tonight" when telling about his Dad had passed away because of a chronic disease.

Leeteuk even revealed a story about Donghae's Dad "Donghae didnt know this story, there was meeting between Super Juniors members and our parents long time ago. When the meeting was end, before leaving, Donghae's Dad told me 'Please always help Donghae a lot' "

After hearing Leeteuk's late story about Donghae's Dad, he shed tears. Therefore, the filming became so silent.

The show will be aired at 11:45PM on March 27th

original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

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