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30 January 2009

[TRANS] Changmin and Yunho UFO Replies

Fan: I’m eating mandarin-orange flavoured sweets, envious?
Changmin: Envious

Fan: Come and have a meal with me
Changmin: Sorry

Fan: Oppa, I went to donate blood today, and I was listening to your songs the whole journey, I’m great aren’t I?
Changmin: Yes

Fan: It’s so eye-catching! What is it? My face (^^)
Changmin: Nononononono (SNSD’s song GEE’s lyrics)

Fan: Shim! Chang! Min! What’s hanging by your mouth now?
Changmin: A smile…

Fan: Who are you???
Changmin: Shim Changmin

Fan: Changmin ah!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Changmin: Thank you

Fan: How about a long and truthful conversation with me?
Changmin: Will do also…

Fan: Have you had your dinner?
Changmin: En.

Fan: Where is this? (Fan used a picture of a sunset)
Changmin: Where?
Same fan: Where is this~? ^^ Changmin oppa didn’t manage to guess~
Yunho: Saipan?? The Maldives?? Or Bora Bora~!!

Fan: I know you’re online now Hurry up and reply me!!!
Yunho: kekeke re~!!! plied~!! I’m here… keke just joking with you.. goodnight~! Its nearly time to sleep, right?

Fan: This is my personal favourite picture.
Yunho: Ah really??~!!

Fan: My heart has always been this way, since the start, it won’t go anywhere else, oppa’s heart is like that too, right?
Yunho: ^__^ Of course it is so!! Fighting AZAAZA!!

Fan: Yunho oppa~!! Let’s meet, I’ll buy you a meal^^
Yunho: If we meet, of course I’ll be the one to buy you a meal… if you do… I won’t be able to eat??

Fan: Oppa has to eat well!! Always work hard Fighting!!
Yunho: Doggies are so cute~!! (referring to the fan’s picture) Our stage~!! Miss you so much~!!

Fan: Oosoo~~ has oppa eaten?
Yunho: Rice~!! Just.. ate!! It was so delicious~!!

Fan: Kekeke my cousin… wants to call oppa brother-in-law^^^^!!!! (fan used picture of her cousin, who is very cuteeeee as her picture ^^)
Yunho: keke ^__^ so cute~!! Aigoo..~!!

Fan: This is my cousin, so cute right keke (uses pictues of cousin, who is very cute as well ^_^)
Yunho: Really cute ^__^ My cousin’s very cute also ^__^ I’m missing him now.. my kids~!!

Fan: I quarrelled with my boyfriend today.. How can we understand each other more?…
Changmin: Have an honest talk

changmin didnt sound so friendly like yunho, dont you think?

Source: with_yusoo@Baidu
Translations: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero
Shared By: Gorgeous18 + KPOP JJANG + DBSK DREAM

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