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29 January 2009

Rush for WG Concert Tickets Signals Success,

Rush of Inquiries Preceding Wonder Girls’ First Solo-Concert Ticketing Shows Signs of Success
By Kim HyungWoo @ Newsen (cox109@newsen.com)

Facing severe web traffic with just a day left until ticket sales begin for their upcoming March 28 first solo-concert, it looks like the Wonder Girls are headed for success.

Both the Wonder Girls’ management company, JYP, and concert promoter, Good Concert, have stated, “We’re not only receiving domestic inquiries about the concerts, but also inquiries from those abroad in Canada, Singapore, and other locations.” They also added with satisfaction, “We’ve had a rush of people all throughout the holidays leading up to the 29th when ticketing will begin. ”

A representative for JYPEntertainment stated, “Because ‘The 1st Wonder’ is the Wonder Girls’ first domestic solo-concert, the company and the Wonder Girls are all preparing meticulously. We hope that many people can come together to spend a good time at a Wonder Girls’ concert that’s as enjoyable and full of surprises as it’s title.”

Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls have plans for performances in Thailand on February 28, Los Angeles on March 5, Orange County on March 6, and New York on March 8. After their international concerts, they plan to bring their tour to a close with magnificent finales in Pusan on March 21 (at the KBS Hole) and in Seoul on March 28 (at the Olympic Fencing Arena).

source: Spectacle! Forums
credit: Newsen
translated by: ppoki@Spectacle!Forums

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